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Dear Sister Lioness,

This is my confession. A long, long time ago when my life was completely different to what it is now and I had a little less of a tummy, I made some extra money as a life model. There were two reasons why I did it - it was easy money and the art tutor was really hot in an ‘older man that I really shouldn’t think about that way’ kinda way. Anyway I’ve had short dark hair for years and as part of my ’job’ the tutor suggested I wear a long wig, so I found the one above and wore it for my next session. Anyway, long story short, I had sex with the tutor after the class in the art store and I wore the wig throughout, I’ve kept that wig for over 10 years now! It wasn’t my finest hour (he was married with a family) and continued for a while, but I was young, not his first ‘model’ and definitely not his last. I found out years later (I hate facebook) his marriage broke down, and although it was years after me I can’t help but feel a little responsible!

I added the candle for extra life model points!

Thank you for hearing my confession, Claire

Claire - what a great confession. I want to try life modeling so badly but i’m scared to death of how people would draw, paint, model me - is that weird? I think you look absolutely gorgeous wearing that wig, even under different (healthier?) circumstances, years later. 

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